Saturday, October 31, 2009

Want to hear an Interview for the "earPlay Jazzquintet" ?

Yes, this Tuesday (11/03/09) night I'll be interviewed by Eddy Pay on KPFA 94.1-FM from 8:15-9:15 pm to give fans and newbies an insight into our music. I've been interviewed dozens of times over the years and they've been hugely supportive of my various bands. The "earPlay Jazzquintet" will be performing this Friday night at the Hillside Club Concert Series at 2286 Cedar St. in Berkeley—they have a long history of presenting very interesting and hard-to-categorize music along with a great grand piano. To hear samples of the ensemble click here.

Hope to see you there !

p.s.—my partner Heather Rogers is an award-winning magician and will be featured in our wildly popular suite of accompanied Sufi poetry. To learn more about her, visit her site.