Friday, December 11, 2009

"earPlay Jazzquinet" listener feedback + Parallel Universe on that night <<<>>>

It's always fun to see what part of the "earPlay Jazzquinet"speaks to our listeners. For some it's the mix of styles and cultures, others the blend of acoustic and electronic instruments, and still others using the voice as an instrument.

I wanted to give a particular Shout Out to the presenter Bruce Koball, who did a fabulous job with our sound. Anyone who has seen the group can appreciate what a challenge it is to get all of our instruments to blend. The sound he got on my duet on "Jaco" really helped me to cut loose like never before...

And if you're not a believer in Parallel Universes, consider what else was happening that night:
I counted not two or three, but seven completely creative music acts that night in the Bay Area.
Here's who was appearing (and disappearing):

* Art Lande duo (pioneer in chamber jazz/someone I've studied with)
* Terry Riley (one of the original "minimalists"/someone I've also studied with)
* KITKA (well-known Eastern European vocal group)
* LisaB (great songwriter/spoken word artist)
* Laura Inserra (phenomenal percussionist/hang player)
* Daniel Berkman (remarkable West-African kora player/
current member of my trio BAL du KOR)
* Dave Worm duo (esteemed collaborator with Bobby McFerrin &
Rhiannon/former member of my vocal MIRABAI ENSEMBLE)

No doubt, there was probably more...

cheers Michael