Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hommage a Gismonti (excerpt) - NUVO Chamber Trio

It's really fun doing Hommage a Gismonti with cello versus sax. The cello can play so many functions besides just the melody (like bass lines and counter melodies) and it's great to hear that instrument at high speeds. My piano part (except for my solo) is the only piece in that group's repertoire that is written out note-for-note and is quite demanding ! When I listen to the current video and compare it to the Live Vol. 1 Limbo Eruption duets with Sheldon Brown from 2000, it proves to me that any piece can become manageable given enough time and patience to breakdown the problem areas (particularly around 'grouping'). It's like a very fast car ride through Sao Paulo !

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